Discover Scuba Diving - 1 Day

Monkey Dives Perhentian specializes in Introduction Diving. Our instructors regularly introduce diving to first-time divers and they know perfectly well the best methods to make the learning process both safe and fun. In this way, you will set out for first experience in the underwater world feeling calm, confident, and excited !

Scuba Diver Course - 2 / 3 Days
(Your first step towards Open Water Certification)

This certification allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres under the supervison of a Monkey Dives Instructor. Your Scuba Diver course inlcludes :

  • 3 Chapters about dive theory
  • 3 Modules of confined water skill
  • 2 Open Sea Dives up to 12 metres maximum depth
Can be upgraded to the full Open Water certification at any time !

Open Water Diver Course - 4 Days

This course is an exciting and rewarding experience where you learn to use equipment, plan dives, then get wet and enjoy the wonderful reefs and fish life !

The course includes of THREE parts :
  • 5 Knowledge sections
  • 5 Modules of confined water skills
  • 4 Open Sea Dives up to 18 metres
After successful completion you earn your card, allowing you to dive to 18 metres with a qualified buddy! The card is recognized around the world and is valid for life!. 

Advanced Open Water Diver Course - 3 Days

To take the Advanced Open Water Diving Course, you must first be certified as a Open Water Diver, but you don't need much experience. This course will help you develop your scuba diving skills, gain more confidence, and feel more relaxed underwater. It allows you to acquire more experience while still under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Instructor.

You will perfect your technique over the completion of FIVE Adventure Dives :
  • Deep Dive (18-30 metres)
  • Underwater Navigation Dive
  • 3 more Adventure Dives of your choice (from the selection of Adventure Dives offered by Monkey Dives Perhentian
Emergency First Responder - Half Day

EFR course are open to anyone - diver or non-diver - of any age with an interest in learning techniques for emergency response, including first aid and CPR. Participants learn through multimedia (Video and book), observe demonstrations by an EFR Instructor, practice techniques, and then apply these skills in a series of scenarios.

Rescue Diver Course - 3 Days

Rescue Diver course is one of the most fun! With this course you will take care of other divers, and learn to anticipate and respond to typical dive problems and emergency diving situations. Your Instructor will create challenging scenarios and will teach and guide you through the many ways that you might manage each situation, based on a set of land and water skills that you will master over the duration of the course. You will learn to handle dangerous and life-threatening situations, as well as how to look for and prevent problems before they arise. This course is designed to push divers out of their comfort zone, and to expand their awareness as a diver.

This course includes :
  • Knowledge Development
  • Rescue Training Sessions
  • Open Water Rescue Scenarios
Divemaster Training - 6 Weeks
(Complete OWD, AOD, RESCUE, and log 50 dives)

This is a professional level course. You will train with professional Instructors to become an experienced and skilled diver. The knowledge and skills that you gain as a diver make up only a portion of the quality training program that you will receive at Monkey Dives Perhentian. With a Divemaster certification you are able to work as an underwater guide, to supervise general diving activities and to assist in instructing student. Other portions of your internship are devoted to the topics of responsibility, liability, and customer care in your role as Divemaster.

Divemaster training in conducted by Monkey Dives Instructors and is made up of THREE modules :
  • Knowledge Development
  • Development of proficiency in diving skills (timed swim and timed in-water rescue, perfection and demonstration of the 24 standard dive skills)
  • Practical application

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